Augusto Gallignani with his engineers and the first baler - Russi, 1958

Augusto Gallignani started his business in 1922 with the objective to give a strong contribution to the development of agricultural mechanics and to use industrialisation as a mean for the social development of his territory. The success of his company was based since the beginning on principles of great value: creativity, technical knowledge, professionalism, extreme care to the farmers' needs, natural instinct to achieve only the best results. Thanks to these enduring principles, unchanged since almost one century, the company grew bigger and her horizons were expanded, notwithstanding Gallignani company still has a single objective: to offer the best technological solutions to today's and tomorrow's farmers.


Gallignani History

1901: Augusto Gallignani, the founder of the company, was born in Russi. 

1922: Augusto Gallignani opens a small smith business for repairing agriculture tools

1936: Beginning of planter production

1953: Gallignani seals a business agreement with “Federconsorzi”, the Italian cooperative which distributed agricultural services and products to every single village, so Gallignani gained access to a nationwide distribution

1957: Introduction of the first conventional baler, Model 145 for hay and straw, in Verona Agriculture Expo. 

1961: Gallignani begins its export business.

1975: Production of the first round baler in Italy.

1981: Launch of an investment program to robotize the production

1990: Production of the first bale wrapper  

2001: Gallignani buys the company Sigma4 located in Forli. This company produces agricultural front end loaders and is market leader in Italy. 

2009: Inauguration of the new SIGMA4 factory

2011: Establishment of Gallignani Tarım Makinaları in Bursa for the production of conventional square balers.

2016: Beginning of manufacturing rakes, tedders and mergers.