Our objective has always been to develop productive, reliable, and durable machines that let our farmers achieve their greatest satisfaction. To reach this objective we use a very simple method:

1. We carefully listen the feedbacks and the recommendations coming from all our customers and analyse them with the highest attention.
2. We continuously invest in the training and education of our engineers and designers, and we let them always work with the most modern instruments.
3. We constantly study the market dynamics to attack every new need very quickly.
4. We develop each project with care and professionalism, dedicating high attention to all the functional and reliability tests.
5. We choose our suppliers and industrial partners with extreme care.
6. We launch new products only when we are confident that they are ready to fully satisfy our customers.
7. When necessary, we react to every customer's problem with maximum speed.

Computer Aided Design
Modern and sophisticated products can be developed only with the help of computers. Gallignani designers and engineers use CAD, FEM and PDM systems since many years and are always up to date on the most innovative instruments.

Field testing
The field tests are a crucial activity to guarantee the robustness and reliability of the machines. Before entering the production line every new model is tested in the most extreme conditions and by our most demanding farmers, that we consider true partners of our research and development team.

Every Gallignani machine is built with the greatest care by highly specialised and competent personnel. Every component is made only using the best materials and the most modern tooling techniques, the assembly of each part follows clear and precise instructions, and every machine is quality tested during its entire production process.

Every Gallignani machine must work hard for many years. In case of unexpected events our service team is always ready to react with the highest speed, working with the only objective of total customer satisfaction.