6690 Model


About Product

The Gallignani 6690 balers are one of the most balanced solutions in terms of productivity, robustness and maneuvrability in all work environments. These machines were designed specifically for large fields, professional users, contractors and farms of large sizes, and their dimensions allow road haulage without special permits.

The 6690 baler range is one of the biggest success of Gallignani balers family thanks to an excellent mix of performance and technical solutions that provide excellent ease of use and maintenance and unparalleled durability.

The standard machines are already rich of useful features, the electric bale counter, knotter fan, the hydraulic pick-up lift and the adjustable draw-bars of hydraulic types are standard accessories on this model. Optional accessories are also available, wide angle PTO shaft and pick-up wheel with tire.

Technical Specs.
  6690 Gold 6690 F 6690
Recommended minimum tractor engine power 70 HP 70 HP  70 HP 
PERFORMANCE (approximate, in ideal working conditions)      
Bale weight - Straw 20-25 kg 20-25 kg  20-25 kg 
Bale weight - Hay 25-35 kg 25-35 kg  25-35 kg 
Bales per hour (1m long, maximum) approx* 400 bales / hour 400 bales / hour  400 bales / hour 
Pick Up width 178 cm 178 cm  178 cm 
Net pick-up width 163 cm 163 cm  163 cm 
Picking system 5 bars 5 bars  5 bars 
Hydraulic pick-up lifting Standard Standard  Standard 
Pick-up wheel with tire Optional Optional  Optional 
Cutting Unit - Optional 
Compression chamber and tail      
Bale section 36x46 cm 36x46 cm  36x46 cm 
Ram travel and strokes/min (at 610 PTO rpm) 92 cm / 104 rpm 92 cm / 104 rpm  92 cm / 104 rpm 
Knotter type Twine Twine  Twine 
Nr. of twines / wires 2  2
Knotter light Standard Standard  Standard 
Knotter fan Standard Standard Standard 
Drawbar Offset      
Mechanical drawbar offset Optional Optional  Optional 
Hydraulic drawbar offset Standard Standard  Standard 
Driveline to knotter and Forks Chain Chain  Chain 
Driveline to pick-up Chain Chain Chain
Standart PTO shaft Standard Standard  Standard
Wide angle PTO shaft Optional Optional Optional 
Twine box 8  8
Road lights Standard Standard  Standard 
Electric bale counter Standard Standard Standard 
Dimensions and weights      
Width 250 cm 250 cm  250 cm 
Length 545 cm  545 cm  545 cm 
Height 178 cm  178 cm  178 cm 
Wheel size LHS 10.0/75 15.3  10.0/75 15.3  10.0/75 15.3 
Wheel size RHS 10.0/75 15.3  10.0/75 15.3  10.0/75 15.3 
Weight 2020 kg 2020 kg  2080 kg 



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