BaleX M195 Model

Drum Mowers

About Product

BaleX M135, M165, M195 drum mowers are machines that mow all kinds of forage crops, grasses, meadows and weeds by means of the drums rotating in opposite directions and the blades inside it.

Thanks to its adjustable cutting height and low power requirement, it enables to do high quality work without tiring the tractor.

It adapts to all terrain conditions with 135 cm, 165 cm and 195 cm working width options. Thanks to the canvas that covers the machine which is an optional speck, foreign objects are prevented from damaging the machine and the environment.

Technical Specs

Working Width 195 cm
Number of drums 2
Number of blades 9
Blade length 105 mm
Blade width 46 mm
Working capacity 1,95 ha/h
Working speed 10 km/h
PTO speed 540 rpm
Genişlik 3000 mm
Ağırlık 420 kg
Recommended minimum tractor engine power 55 HP




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