BALEX R 3.5 2W Model


About Product

A Machine For Everybody

Balex R3.5 2W and R3.5 4W rakes are the smallest and most maneuvrable machines in the range.

In fact these machines are single rotor rakes with fixed head of strong construction, high quality and easy operation.

The compact dimensions make R3.5 universal implements, addressing the needs of the small and medium-small farms as primary instruments as well as those of the larger operations as finishing tools.

The frames with fixed heads are an ideal solution for those who search lightness and stability, while the standard top spring provides extra damping. The axles in their basic configurations are provided with two wheels, while on request it can be equipped with 4 wheels for a better adaptation on bumpy grounds.

Technical Specs.
  Balex R 3.5 2W
Working Width 350 cm
Diameter of rotor 273 cm
Number of arms 9
Number of tines per arm 3x2
Tine Section 9 mm
Working height adjustment Mechanical
Stable axle Standart
Number of wheels 2 wheels
Tires 2-16x6.5x8
Recommended minimum tractor engine power  20 HP
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Min. Transport Width  125 cm
Min. Transport Height  245 cm
Length  240 cm
Weight  345 kg





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